Human Resource and Payroll Services
Our Human Resource and Payroll department provides a whole range of employment-related administrative solutions, suited to any business in Bulgaria, regardless of the industry and size. You may rely on our excellent payroll services, such as outsourced payroll processing to Bulgarian citizens and foreign individual subject to taxation in Bulgaria, reporting to local authorities, labour records maintenance. In addition, we are able to help in the analysis of labour costs by cost centers or departments, net-to-gross or gross-to-net calculations and giving advice on labour-related issues.

More specifically, our HR and Payroll services can be summarized as follows:
  • Payroll processing
  • Preparation of statements and returns to the relevant local authorities
  • Preparation of payments instructions for salaries, social security contributions, income and employee-related taxes
  • Calculation of net-to-gross and gross-to-net schemes
  • Maintenance of labour records
  • Cost analysis (per cost center, team, comparative analysis, net-to-gross analysis)
  • Customized services, such as consultation on labour and social security law, data protection policies and procedures, compliance review

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