Accounting Services
Our accounting team can provide services and helpful advice on the whole spectrum of financial and management reporting, cost accounting, financial analysis and due diligence. Starting from simple book-keeping, records or classes of accounts in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Bulgarian, our clients rely on us for the preparation of financial statements under IFRS or local accounting standards, development of group reporting procedures and preparation of consolidated accounts for EU listed companies. Going further, Chronika is able to help in analysis and implementation or modification of cost accounting systems, management reporting systems, or complex financial due diligence projects. More specifically, our accounting services can be summarized as follows:
  • Financial reporting: maintaining accounting books and records, classes of accounts, preparation of financial statements under IFRS or local accounting standards.
  • Consolidated reporting: preparation of consolidated financial statements under IFRS or local accounting standards; development and implementation of consolidation procedures and group reporting packs.
  • Accounting policies: development and implementation of accounting policies and / or group accounting policies under IFRS or local accounting standards.
  • Management reporting: preparation of management reports as requested by the clients; management reporting and / or cost accounting procedures development and implementation.
  • Budgeting: Preparation of budgets and budget reports; budget systems development and implementation.
  • Customized services: financial due diligence; interpretations and consultations; assessment and reorganization of accounting systems and departments.

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