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Fluent in numbers, <br/>Deadlines and Details

Accounting Services

We provide services and helpful advice on the whole spectrum of financial reporting under IFRS or local accounting standards, management reporting, cost accounting, financial analysis, due diligence, outsourced CFO and more.

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Tax Compliance and Tax Advisory

The tax compliance and advisory services include all tax matters within the value-added tax, corporate income taxes, personal income tax legislation, tax and procedure rules, social security contributions and others tax concerns.

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Payroll Services

Our payroll services are suited to any business and industry in Bulgaria and cover all aspects of the payroll and related requirements for Bulgarian and foreign employees, expats, and self-employed persons.

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We want to provide services with excellent quality and to create exclusive value for our clients. We want to build up an environment that motivates our employees to constantly develop their skills, knowledge and talents. We want to stand out with our professional experience, expertise and competencies, with our culture, values and commitment to the profession and society.

These are our purposes. This is Chronika.

Why choose Chronika?

Why do so many foreign investors in Bulgaria and corporate clients in various industries, venture funds, highly innovative and promising start-ups and non-profit organizations choose to work with us?

Accounting, taxes and payroll in Bulgaria contain complex requirements, but we are trying to make the things simple – focusing on the quality of our services. We believe that by supplementing our proven experience and expertise with open and clear communication with our clients, we are able to deliver accurate, personalized, relevant and on-time services to our clients.

Each client is unique and each situation is different. The marketplace is constantly changing. What remains constant is our aim to provide the best possible services. This aim influences our actions within all processes in our firm – from maintaining a broad range of accounting, tax and payroll services; developing professional, dedicated and motivated teams to implementing the highest possible standards for information security and data protection.

Thinking and acting with our clients’ interests in mind, we have implemented, follow and monitor information security management system, which is regularly evaluated and certified for compliance with ISO 27001 (Information security) and ISO 9001 (Quality management). These certificates ensure that we have tools in place to strengthen our organization across the three pillars of information security: people, processes and technology and that we are committed to providing a high level of confidentiality, integrity and availability to our clients.

This is how we achieve commitment and contribute to the success of our clients’ businesses.

  • Proven experience and expertise.
  • Wide range of accounting, tax and payroll services.
  • Professional, dedicated and motivated team.
  • Personalized and tailored approach.
  • Infrastructure, which enables us to provide services that consistently meet clients’ needs.
  • Highest standards of protection clients’ data and information.
  • Combination of high-quality services, commitment and contribution to the success of our clients’ businesses.
We explore numbers and details to help clients concentrate on growth

The right approach that you deserve:

  • Attention to every detail that is relevant.
  • Constant efforts to understand your business and its environment.
  • Focus to identify your needs.
  • Professional knowledge to develop customized solutions.
  • Expertise to select the right team.
  • Certified solidified security practices to protect clients’ data and information and to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.